Group Benefits

Areas of Experience

  • Employee Benefits
    • Medical
    • Dental and Vision
    • Life, Disability and Long Term Care
    • Work-site Voluntary Plans
    • Employee Education Seminars
  • Retirement Plans
    • Qualified and Non-Qualified Plans
    • Third Party Administration and Compliance
    • Plan Design
  • Business Insurance and Estate Planning
    • Individual Life, Disability and Long Term Care Insurance
    • Key-Man Insurance
    • Buy-Sell Agreements
    • Trust Agreements (Provided by a third party)

  We Can Help You...

  • Buy Smarter- Leverage negotiations with current vendor
  • Buy Differently- Assess the possibility of changing vendor relationships
  • Identify Areas of Improvement- Incorporate "Customized" strategies to improve the effectiveness and efficency of your plans
  • Make Things Run More Smoothly- Improve employee communications and help with the program administration